Who's Pooping?

whenipoopipeeafter's gravatar

whenipoopipeeafter (4 days ago)
Smooth. The best way to poop.

Shirlissa's gravatar

Shirlissa (a week ago)
I have a huge, firm shit log in my hands and I'm giving it a blowjob. I just keep shoving it back and forth in my mouth and down my throat. I'm gagging because it's clogging my throat and I am getting smears of shit all over my face, hands, teeth. It's everywhere and it's making me so wet that I'm practically cumming in my panties. I'm about to take this thing 'downstairs' and fuck myself harder than I've ever been fucked. No protection necessary.

twindler's gravatar

twindler (a week ago)
I have a large shit stain on my couch because I just lost control of my diarrhea while watching tv... and I don't care!

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (a week ago)
Here I sit broken hearted, came to shit but clearly sharted

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (12 days ago)
I poop and it goes into the ground, the ground poops and it goes into me

pooterpan's gravatar

pooterpan (2 weeks ago)
My feces is quite runny because of the food here in rehab. Now it is slightly solid.. Gas is escaping aroun the semisolid turd.. i just pinched it off. My anus burns from the peppers in the food last night.. can't wait to move out of here..

Im not rascist's gravatar

Im not rascist (3 weeks ago)
my poo is black and that makes me uncomfortable

poo poo platter's gravatar

poo poo platter (3 weeks ago)
Two big darts then a huge nuclear like explosion drops like a bomb of semi hard shit followed by a floodgate of watered down browness

shakescakes297's gravatar

shakescakes297 (3 weeks ago)
I have a turd coming out my dick. Actually, I think you could say that I was "cumming" shit.

its me again's gravatar

its me again (3 weeks ago)
im squeezing im squeezing this is a nice one

omg's gravatar

omg (3 weeks ago)
it hurt

POOPER's gravatar

POOPER (3 weeks ago)

Pooness Everpoo's gravatar

Pooness Everpoo (4 weeks ago)
Taking a load off fanny.

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (4 weeks ago)
My butthole transformed into a torpedo launcher and is bombing toilet city

Carl's gravatar

Carl (4 weeks ago)
I just shit my pants on the bus in Chicago

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