Who's Pooping?

Twirly's gravatar

Twirly (3 days ago)
I'm making a poo and I googled "I'm making a poo" and here I am!

deargod's gravatar

deargod (3 days ago)
I was diagnosed with chronic spine spasms yoday doesn't stop me from taking the most relieving shit ever.

Biltur's gravatar

Biltur (5 days ago)
I just crapped diarrhea out of my ass into my pants while I was sitting here in front of the computer! There's juicy poop slime dripping down my legs and pants and it's all over the chair and floor. Why?!?!

ViglaArta's gravatar

ViglaArta (a week ago)
Oh shit!

Chas's gravatar

Chas (a week ago)
Here I sit broken hearted had to fart and clearly sharted RIP Indian food nd my pantaloons

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (12 days ago)
This is one small push for man, one giant movement for my behind. God bless America

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (3 weeks ago)
The turdship has blasted off from home planet analtopia to voyage another epic mission through the mystical water tunnels from which no turdship has returned

poop poet's gravatar

poop poet (3 weeks ago)
A poop haiku - Sometimes hard, others soft Food goes in - out comes the poop the circle of life

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (3 weeks ago)
I wonder how many people poop at the same time. I know I am pooping right now, but who else is...?

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (3 weeks ago)
I'm staring at suave shampoo as stinky comets of fury are blasting into my toilets atmosphere

bigdickben's gravatar

bigdickben (3 weeks ago)
Happy laborday everyone. Speaking of labor I was seeing stars delivering these kids to their water birth!!. Well I feel much better now!! Remember folks don't force it or you might blow out an 'O' ring....

poopyboy96's gravatar

poopyboy96 (3 weeks ago)
Oh man its a good one. I had to clinch for the past 20 minutes but I just experienced a great relief.

poopinator9000's gravatar

poopinator9000 (4 weeks ago)
man it has been a shitty day/: at least my toilet is here for me

poopinator9000's gravatar

poopinator9000 (4 weeks ago)
this poop smells good, it just keeps on sliding out, oh shit(pun intended)i think there's more!! help!! im dying.. Tell my mother i didnt want her to wake up to me dead on the toilet

idiot's gravatar

idiot (4 weeks ago)
Oh man oh man. My toilet is behaving badly today, and we just got a new one. So this is my first poop for a while. So satisfying. Damn.

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