Who's Pooping?

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Shirlissa (14 hours ago)
I have a huge, firm shit log in my hands and I'm giving it a blowjob. I just keep shoving it back and forth in my mouth and down my throat. I'm gagging because it's clogging my throat and I am getting smears of shit all over my face, hands, teeth. It's everywhere and it's making me so wet that I'm practically cumming in my panties. I'm about to take this thing 'downstairs' and fuck myself harder than I've ever been fucked. No protection necessary.

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mr.poop (3 days ago)
Once upon a time there was a little brown boy named turd. He was very adventurous. One day he ventured so far into the depths of the unknown he fell into a whole new world. The end

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hellagoodsmell (a week ago)
As I sit on my porciline throne, I ask myself.. Was the taco bell really worth it.

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Toni (a week ago)

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (a week ago)
Poop crap shit fudge fart turd poo and a little bit of pee

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name (a week ago)
I just had poop fall outta me because of coffee

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Bochler (a week ago)
i'm gargling with diarrhea right now! it's splattering everywhere but i'm cleaning out my throat!

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Twirly (12 days ago)
I'm making a poo and I googled "I'm making a poo" and here I am!

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deargod (12 days ago)
I was diagnosed with chronic spine spasms yoday doesn't stop me from taking the most relieving shit ever.

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Biltur (3 weeks ago)
I just crapped diarrhea out of my ass into my pants while I was sitting here in front of the computer! There's juicy poop slime dripping down my legs and pants and it's all over the chair and floor. Why?!?!

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ViglaArta (3 weeks ago)
Oh shit!

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Chas (3 weeks ago)
Here I sit broken hearted had to fart and clearly sharted RIP Indian food nd my pantaloons

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mr.poop (4 weeks ago)
This is one small push for man, one giant movement for my behind. God bless America

mr.poop's gravatar

mr.poop (4 weeks ago)
The turdship has blasted off from home planet analtopia to voyage another epic mission through the mystical water tunnels from which no turdship has returned

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poop poet (4 weeks ago)
A poop haiku - Sometimes hard, others soft Food goes in - out comes the poop the circle of life

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