Who's Pooping?

stfu's gravatar

stfu (a week ago)
shut the fuck up about siri.

Tony T.'s gravatar

Tony T. (10 days ago)
Dropping a good size one and I told Siri and well here I an nuking my bathroom!

Fred's gravatar

Fred (3 weeks ago)
After a night of drinking I always have to take many dumps but thank you Siri for being there for me!!

Mr perfect poop's gravatar

Mr perfect poop (3 weeks ago)
I have an angry poo hanging half out of me. Oh damn here it comes. I gave birth from my asshole. It looks bigger than I expected. Time to start the paleo diet again.

Ricko's gravatar

Ricko (4 weeks ago)
Wow that one was painful! It ripped outa me like bear tearing through a keyhole. I hope i'm still in one piece back there. :/

Brad's gravatar

Brad (4 weeks ago)
Another one down the drain. Thank you Siri for bringing me here to let me share!

Greg's gravatar

Greg (4 weeks ago)
Siri entertainment! Siri helps people bond.

madison's gravatar

madison (4 weeks ago)
after school poops are one of the best poops. theres nothing like it.

Gigi's gravatar

Gigi (4 weeks ago)
Pooping right now. it's a tough one . Probably gonna need a plunger .

Gigi's gravatar

Gigi (4 weeks ago)

grant's gravatar

grant (5 weeks ago)
I just let the biggest dump of my life out! Felt like sharing.

Sean's gravatar

Sean (5 weeks ago)
Lucky me, no wipe on this monster.

Sarah's gravatar

Sarah (5 weeks ago)
Ah, nothing like a nice morning poo

Hannah's gravatar

Hannah (5 weeks ago)
Fast food always gives me the shits. There I was, sitting lonely on the toilet, asking Siri about her day, alerting her that I was pooping, and she sent me here. Good to see fellow poopers sharing their stories. Have a shitty day, everyone!

poopgal's gravatar

poopgal (5 weeks ago)
I successfully just pinched a loaf into the bowl of the cammode. I'm assuming it was such a heavy piece of crap that it went straight down the hole because when I stood up and looked as I always do, there was no evidence of a turd that had just been laid.

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